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  • Cero8 – Hdpm (Coffy Records)

    Cero8 – Hdpm (Coffy Records)

    Music video for the first single of this hiphop band. In the TOP 20 music video list of MTV Spain HipHop during 4 months. MYSPACE

  • The Grave Yacht Club – Devil’s Dance

    The Grave Yacht Club – Devil’s Dance

    Music video for the single “Devil’s Dance” of their album Wasted.

  • Yeah Yon – Rockstar

    Yeah Yon – Rockstar

    Direction, edition and motion graphics of this music video for the song Rockstar of Yeah Yon. (Coffy Records)



    Some older works on direction, edition & motion graphics.   La muñeca de sal – Marfil 800 (A review of capitalism from a pesimistic&funny point of view)   Niobeth – The whisper of rain   Dover – Serenade 07   Lagom (Videoart-Music: Björk-Joga)   Toilet (Series heading)