• Benghazi, beyond the frontline

    Benghazi, beyond the frontline

    Editing of the documentary film of Natalia Orozco (two-time winner of Colombia’s National Journalism Award), “Benghazi, Beyond the frontline”. A portrait of the dreams and expectations of the citizens that will build the future of Libya. International co-production between Lulofilms (Colombia), Mecanos (France) and La Maroma (Mexico). Broadcast by France Ô, ONCE TV (Mexico), RCN (Colombia) and other channels worldwide.

  • Call me Parker (Shortfilm)

    Call me Parker (Shortfilm)

    Award winning in NOTODOFILMFEST of “People’s choice award to the best shortfilm” and the “Distribution award”.

  • American Red Cross (Spec Commercial)

    American Red Cross (Spec Commercial)

    Spec commercial award winner of a Filmutea price into the Mofilm Festival.

  • Festival des Arcs (Allocine TV)

    Festival des Arcs (Allocine TV)

    Editor in chief for the 8 TV emissions of the “Festival de cinéma européen des Arcs” for Allocine TV. The video is a short resume of the festival.



    Two documentaries about the cases of four doctors that could be four spanish Dr.House. Broadcast by the national TV CUATRO.

  • TVE (TV-Culture programmes) (Catorce Comunicación)

    TVE (TV-Culture programmes) (Catorce Comunicación)

    21 episodes of the TV culture shows “La casa encendida” and “Escala 1:1”, broadcast by the most important spanish TV, the national public television TVE and its cultural channel, while I was working for the company CATORCE.

  • Antena3 Nova (El Mundo TV)

    Antena3 Nova (El Mundo TV)

    (EDITION) Editing on 6 programs for the group Unidad Editorial in El Mundo TV in the edition of the fashion show Yo Dona, broadcast by the national spanish channels Antena 3 Nova and VEO7.

  • Telva


    Filming and editing of videos for the site Telva.com, about fashion trends, kitchen recipes, hairstyles, etc…