Probably your first question is:
– Nacho? Is that your real name??
– Yes, Nacho is my real name. Just another way to say Ignacio, Iñaki, Ñaki or Игнатий, but I’ll come back to that a bit later…

Almost 10 years ago I began to work in Valencia (my home town in Spain) while I studied a Master of Arts in Media Studies.
First I worked as a sound technician, but I soon knew that I also wanted to make my own music…so I became music compositor for short films; but then I realized that images were as sexy as music, so I just accepted my fate and became a freelance director&editor one-man band taking the 100% of responsibility of the damages my audio-visual creatures could cause.

In my evil plan to destroy with no mercy the audiovisual sector I moved to Madrid, where I edited for all national TV channel groups: TVE, ANTENA 3 TV and CUATRO TV while I continued directing music videos and other personal projects.

Dark force within me wanted even more, so I began a new adventure looking for international targets taking profit of my english/french skills, moving in 2011 to Paris.

Right now I’m based in Paris where more people trusted me for no reason!
I edited the international coproduction documentary “Benghazi, beyond the frontline”, and I have now a long term contract with the French Development Agency (AFD) to film/edit interviews of international figures on Development.

Now dark side is over, so if you are interested in sharing a new project with me there will be 0% damages, I mean…voluntary ones.

Oh yes, here you have the unfortunate story of how a creative man called Nacho, invented a chip 60 years ago, and why now everyone abroad imagines Guacamole and cheese when they look at us…

Always trying to print my own style to projects, where sound design gives a fresh dimension to images, and music rhythm melts with editing to transmit emotions, now from the city of light!